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Professional Services

A jack of many trades. Passions galore.



Theatre and Film

I direct for both the stage and film. My specialty lies in staged theatre. Musical theatre is my true love when it comes to directing, but I am constanly learning new things about my directing capabilities. In my work, I focus on building strong ensembles, experiemnting with movement, creating dynamic stage pictures, and advocating for the needs of my actors.

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My playwrighting focuses on telling queer and POC stories and intermingling them with the supernatural. I want to bring new and much needed stories to a forever evolving artform.

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Graphic Design

Theatre Posters

My graphic design specialty is creating promotion material for theatre productions. I am proficient in Adobe Illustrator.

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Other Artistic Endeavors


Along with my primary skills, I also offer services in choreography, casting, theatre production, video editing, audience services, and literary managment.

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